Call For Papers

The Sustainability Forum is focused on all aspects of reducing the environmental impact of the cash cycle, which includes central bank and Treasury policy and cash management, cash production and cash circulation.

To achieve this, it needs to hear from experts and practitioners actively working on sustainability activities both inside and outside of the cash industry.  The goal is to share experiences and knowledge so that all can learn.  We need your case studies and stories about challenges faced and successful (and unsuccessful) approaches to resolving them. What are the costs and benefits of what you have done?

Given the nature of sustainability we want to understand regulations, metrics, the science, co-operation within and across both organisations, the industry and other partners, the role of technology, reporting and the world of accreditations.

Sustainability is a challenge for everyone in every society and industry sector.  But progress will be made together probably faster if governments, academics, scientists, business and individuals share their work.  Therefore, we would like your papers on topics such as: 

– Life Cycle Analysis, Carbon Footprint Assessments
– Measuring sustainability in businesses
– ESG reporting
Central Bank sustainability policies and actions
Net zero carbon emissions
– Energy reduction
– Sourcing green energy
– Carbon offsetting
Net zero waste, and how to get there (reduce, reuse, recycle)
– Wastewater
– Plastics, how to reduce their usage
– Material usage
– Circular economy
– End of life for banknotes and coins
Cash management
– Value of standards such as GS1/Cash SSP
– Achieving standardised packaging
– Role and opportunities for cash in transit companies
– Reducing ATM energy
Procurement and tenders
Foster co-operation, the value of alliances and associations
Staff engagement initiatives
Role of and opportunities for technology

How to Submit Your Abstract

If you would like to present a paper, you are invited to send a 200-word abstract on your topic or case study via the form below by  01 September 2022.

You can also contact us with any questions you have about presenting at